Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)

The ODBE values highly the joint working relationship with our MAT partners. As the number of MATs we work with has grown, the offer we extend to community academies within church MATS is provided at cost from the ODBE. This work will be planned and provided on a daily rate basis.

All schools which are academies are encouraged to join MATs.  The ODBE encourages maintained schools to form positive collaborations and partnerships, which could be joining a MAT. This is to ensure that sufficient strong partnerships of church schools will be formed, so that schools can work together to share good and outstanding practice, and thereby support one another to improve and help address the economic sustainability issues of, particularly, small schools.

Our additional services are also available to community academies at the same rate as for S4S schools.


£500 ‘at cost’ daily rate to Community Academies.


Tracy Makin - Schools’ Support Officer

email Tracy Makin or tel: 01865 208242