Additional Services

We are pleased to offer a range of additional services as part of S4S.

Headteacher Appraisal Service

The governing board has a duty to appoint an external adviser to advise and support in relation to the appraisal of the headteacher. An ODBE adviser will facilitate the process and offer professional guidance.


You can purchase this complete service for £625. If you have a newly appointed headteacher the cost will be reduced - please mention this when contacting Tracy.


Tracy Makin - Schools’ Support Officer

email Tracy Makin or tel: 01865 208242 

Performance, Resilience & Support (PRS)

This programme is currently accessed by over 40 headteachers from church and non-church schools. It provides a ‘safe space’ where school leaders can pause and reflect on their personal professional journey and leadership as well as sharing strategies for addressing the challenges of headship. As a diocese, we continue to be absolutely committed to this work and to providing this opportunity for more heads to support their wellbeing.


Schools in S4S: £270 (+VAT)/ Schools not in S4S: £315 (+VAT). Please note that demand for this service is very high and numbers are limited.


Chris Price-Smith - Schools' Adviser

email Chris Price-Smith

Contemplative Toolkit

The Contemplative Toolkit has been designed by the Diocese of Oxford to draw on the benefits and insights of the Mindfulness movement, but, whilst maintaining the total inclusivity of Mindfulness, doing this in a way which is also distinctively Christian.


£95 for schools in S4S or £165 for non-S4S schools. 


Charlie Kerr - Chaplaincy Adviser

email Charlie Kerr

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