Headteacher Appraisals

The governing board has a duty to appoint an external adviser to advise and support in relation to the appraisal of the headteacher. An ODBE adviser will facilitate the process and offer professional guidance. Appraisal advice is an additional service which can be purchased.

"It calls on a very particular sensitivity and skill to provide rigorous challenge underpinned by a foundation of personal support so the person clearly understands the need for improvement whilst knowing they are also being held upright. 

You provided this today and we will all benefit. "

The appraisal meetings form a three stage process including the production of review documents by your adviser.

Stage 1: Preparation

Stage 2: Three separate meetings of approximately 1 hour each Headteacher and ODBE Adviser meeting Panel and Adviser meeting Review meeting with the review panel, headteacher and adviser chaired by a panel member

Stage 3: Appraisal Review Statement

Cost of the Service

You can purchase this complete service for £675 (+VAT) by contacting Tracy Makin 01865 208242 or email Tracy Makin.  An invoice will be raised and sent to the school once your appraisal date is confirmed.  Please note the service is typically offered through online meetings, however, face-to-face meetings may be arranged which will be subject to a carbon offset charge.


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