School Admissions

Schools' admissions policies are set at a local level so that they can take into account the specific needs of their communities.

In Voluntary Aided schools the governing body is the admissions authority and for academies the Academy Trust or Multi-Academy Trust is the admissions authority. These schools set, consult upon and determine admission arrangements for themselves.  Some of these schools administer in year applications, while some ask the local authority to administer them.  Please check on the school’s website before applying.  For year of entry applications these must be made to your local authority even if the school you are applying for is in another local authority.

In Voluntary Controlled schools it is the local authority that is the admissions authority.

There are a large number of applications for school places each year.  Having applied for a place most parents find that their child is accepted at their preferred school. If, however, your child has not been accepted you may wish to make an admission appeal


Katie Paxton - Governance and Admissions Adviser

email Katie Paxton or tel: 07392 196016

Further Information

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