The Bible in Worship

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This is a substantial resource which provides Biblical material suitable for KS2-3 (it could be adapted for KS1). It uses an adapted pattern drawn from the Church seasons and contains material from the Old and New Testaments.

Each section of the project provides Bible readings usually from the Good News Bible, supported by:

  • Exploratory notes and themes
  • Reflections and prayers
  • Questions for discussion
  • Focus table ideas

Logged-in users can browse content below.


Harvest is usually celebrated around the end of September in the Church season of Trinity.


The time of Remembrance comes at the end of the long Trinity season and around the same time as All Saints' and All Souls'.


The first season of the Church year. Our resource looks at the Gospel stories leading up to Jesus' birth and dips back into the Old Testament with Isaiah.


The celebration of the coming of the Magi to see Jesus. The season lasts until February 2nd and gives us a chance to think about how Jesus was and is seen in the world through his baptism and presentation in the temple - celebrated today as Candlemas.


The season in which we traditionally give something up. The Bible in Worship explores some of the critical moments in the ministry of Jesus plus a special in which we think about the story of Jonah

Easter Season

The season which follows the Resurrection in which we find Jesus appearing to the disciples. Our Bible in Worship resources also include some material for Holy Week - the time including Palm Sunday and the Last Supper.


The coming of the Holy Spirit and the beginnings of the church. We look at ideas of The Holy Trinity and some of the later parts of the New Testament which are rarely used but are very significant in the life of the Church.

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