Diocesan Resources

The Diocese of Oxford has a very active approach to many of the issues that face society today. Many of these issues are those encountered in school and you may wish to see how they are being addressed in the diocese.

The climate emergency is one of the most pressing issues of our age. We also see a deepening mental health crisis among our young people, growing inequality across society and, in this diocese, a huge influx of new buildings and new communities.

These factors inform the whole diocesan common vision, as well as our own ODBE vision. As a diocese we are called to become a more Christ-like Church: contemplative, compassionate and courageous for the sake of God’s world.

The Contemplative Toolkit will be of particular interest to schools.

Some of the key facts are challenging, but we have substantial resources that we can draw on and a willingness to act. We have listened with God to the big questions, the challenges and opportunities we have as a diocese, and we are responding to those questions in five specific focus areas. They are:

Environmental Action

Christian Formation and Discipleship

Growing New Congregations

Schools, Children and Young People

Addressing Poverty and Inequality



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